Handbag Butler {Keeping my phone charged while on the go!}

According to my husband there isn't a time that I'm not on my phone.  I'd like to tell you that he is exaggerating my phone use just a tad, but I'd be lying.  I usually only put it down when I go to sleep or when the battery is dead.  As much as I use my phone it is hard to keep the battery charged.  I personally hate to leave the house with my phone less than 50% charged.   I'm just paranoid that something will happen and my phone will die before I can call for help.  It's the unknown that makes me worry!    Did I  mention that I'm a tad bit paranoid?  Since I am so paranoid, I refuse to leave my phone plugged in and charging in the truck while I run into a store, even for a minute.  We have two chargers in the truck but I'm not always … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Bath Salts

I love taking a nice warm bath  to relax in the evenings.  Now that the boys are older the bathroom is the one area of the house that I finally get some privacy and can fully enjoy the quiet.   Sometimes I catch up on tv shows or get lost in a movie on Netflix, but most of the time I like to read.  Candles can be great for relaxing light and most of the time they give off a nice fragrance.  When I use candles I am always paranoid that one is going to start a fire somehow so I don't get much relaxing in.  I've found that bath salts are the prefect answer for me.  They help pamper my skin and the scents available are unlimited.  The problem I ran into is that the cost of bath salts can quickly add up, especially when you're taking a bath … [Read more...]

Worldess Wednesday {Fun with Icicles}

Disclaimer:  No kids were hurt for this photo! … [Read more...]

Meet Roxie

Brody has been begging for a dog for years and I've always resisted , mostly due to allergies.    Last summer I had some allergy testing done and it revealed that I am not allergic to dogs like I had been told.  So, Zack and I started talking about maybe, just maybe getting a puppy.  We had thought about getting a Labrador puppy so it could be trained by the time Zack started hunting with the boys.  Then one night my mother in law mentioned seeing some adorable puppies earlier that week at the humane society.   She even showed us one whose adoption fees had been paid already and was just looking for a family to pick him up.    Problem was that specific puppy was a boy.  Zack and I had already agreed that we wanted a female.   Partially … [Read more...]

Happy Shoppers Finally!

Brody has never been much of a shopper.  He will tolerate shopping for clothes, shoes and toys if he is the one getting the items.  When it comes to grocery shopping that kid has no tolerance at all.   As soon as we pull into the parking lot of the grocery store the whining begins and doesn't end until we're back on the main road.    It doesn't matter to him if we are there for 1 or 1,000 items.    Last Friday after noon I needed to run to the grocery store because we planned on heading to the lake on Saturday.  Since one set of grandparents happened to be at the lake already and the other set was busy he had no choice but to tag along. He was annoyed before we got there because I refused to buy him a new pair of sunglasses at the optical … [Read more...]

Random Question Bath Bomb vs Bubble Bath

It's been a while since I've asked a random question!   Since my back surgery baths have been a favorite way to help relieve pain and relax.    Over the years I've tried many bath bombs and bubble baths to find that which I prefer depends on the train for the bath.    I like bubbles to relax and disk the stress away.   I like bath bombs on days my pain is or if control because the scents distract me and take me other places.    Which do you think is better, bath bombs or bubble bath?   … [Read more...]

Meet The Happy’s #The Happy’s #sponsored

I received free products in order to host the Cepia, LLC sponsored MommyParty.The opinions expressed here are 100% my own. Brody has been begging for a dog, while Quentin has been has been trying to convince us that a cat would be the best pest.    I've been holding strong and saying no for various reasons.  Once of the biggest reasons being we all have horrible allergies to one or both of the most wanted pets.   When I heard about #The Happy's from Cepia, LLC, the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets, I knew the boys would love them.  The Happy’s are a new line of interactive puppies and kitten plush "pets". They play, make over 25 silly sounds, and they can even be trained.  They can play keep away or chase a special ball.  For someone like me who is … [Read more...]