The Anniversary I Won’t Forget


My tag line says it all!    The boring days are definitely few and far between, I just don’t always write about them. Last Friday (April 18th) was Zack and I’s 11th wedding anniversary and we were looking forward to celebrating.   We arranged for the kids to spend some time with their grandparents while we enjoyed a meal without mentions of Pokemon, bodily functions and reminding kids to use their manners.    Most importantly we wanted to be able to have a full conversation without having to talk in code or stop and explain what we were talking about and why some things said can’t be repeated outside of the house.   We’re not the only parents that have conversations like that, are we?

So, Friday afternoon I was trying to get the boys to change into clean clothes and figure out what they were going to have for dinner when my phone started ringing with hubby’s ringtone.   I answered thinking he was calling to tell me something really fast before heading into his meeting that was planned, but as soon as he started talking I knew something was wrong.  He was calling to tell me he was on his way home because he was having an allergic reaction to something he had eaten and wasn’t doing good.   He took 2 Benadryl and laid down for an hour. Zack said that he felt great when he got up so we went ahead with our plans.     

We decided to try Firebirds because we’ve only heard good things about it.  Early in the day Zack had sent me a link to the menu so that I could make up my mind within 30 minutes of being seated and it all sounded so delicious.  When our steaks arrived we couldn’t wait to dig in.   As I was cutting mine I noticed that Zack was making a funny face.  Shortly after he started coughing.  I asked if he was ok and he shook his head yes and then said that his first bit of steak was stuck in his throat.    He tried to take a drink but couldn’t swallow it.   After repeated failed attempts to get the piece of steak to go down or come back up I suggested that we go to the emergency room. Zack thought that he’d be fine and it would go away on it’s own.   But I knew that he needed to be seen because he couldn’t swallow a drink.


Zack in pre-op

Zack getting ready to go back to surgery.

We were escorted to a room where they gave Zack some medicines and drinks to try to get his esophagus to open up and move the steak up or down after seeing where it was lodged on an xray.  After about an hour and a half later the doctor decided that all efforts had failed and that surgery was the only option.  That freaked Zack out so he started trying harder to get the piece of steak moved.   Of course I spent over half of our time in that room with my fingers in my ears and my eyes closed because I don’t do well with vomiting or noises associated it it.  The nurses kinda had laughed at me for that.  When I say surgery it was really a simple procedure that is preformed under general anesthesia where they basically pull the food out.    Once it was decided that he would have surgery they got him moved to pre-op and into surgery in lightening speed.  They got him down there and prepped for surgery so fast that I was tad bit worried.    Less than 45 minutes later the surgeon came out to talk with me .  He said that surgery went well and it was a good thing that he had gone to the ER because his throat was very swollen and that piece of steak wasn’t moving anywhere.   We were very lucky and got to go home a few hours later.  Zack said that while he was in recovery the nurses were telling how he messed up really bad and needed to make up our anniversary to me big time.    The anesthesiologist suggested a trip to Hawaii.

This anniversary will definitely be the most memorable one!    What is your most memorable anniversary?                      


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  1. Holy crap that’s scary!
    I’m glad he is doing ok.
    It’s going to be interesting the next time he eats steak (if he ever does eat steak again).
    What a night!
    I agree with the ER nurse…Hawaii should be on the list for next year!

  2. You’ll certainly never forget that one! Glad he’s ok.
    Jenn recently posted..13 Mother’s Day Brunch RecipesMy Profile

  3. oh my goodness how scary! I am so glad he is ok!
    This will def be an anniversary you do not forget soon.
    Tammilee T recently posted..16 Easy Crock Pot RecipesMy Profile

  4. In 2010 we were in Vegas and the year before and after we were in FL. We always try to do something to celebrate it. We got married over a three day weekend it works out great too!

    Happy Anniversary!
    Jennifer @ Mom Spotted recently posted..SIMPLY RIGHT™ Infant Formula Available at Sam’s ClubMy Profile

  5. This year we had a weekend escape for our anniversary. That was really nice.
    I do remember that one year I convinced a local restaurant to make us a carry out meal because I didn’t have a babysitter and wanted to do something nice. It was nice because they don’t offer carry out and is still the only time we have had their food!

    Glad your hubby is doing better!
    Beth recently posted..3 ways to reuse old soda bottlesMy Profile

  6. None of mine were particularly eventful… maybe that is a good thing.
    Robin {Mom Foodie} recently posted..Is a New Jersey Vacation for You? #NJStrongMy Profile

  7. Wow, very scary. Am glad to hear he is o.k.
    Digna D. recently posted..Recycle Electronics and Be RewardedMy Profile

  8. How horrible, glad he is alright! And no, you are DEFINITELY not the only one who has the “can’t be repeated outside our house” convo.

  9. Oh wow, how scary! I’m so glad he is ok. I certainly can’t remember any of my anniversaries after reading that LOL
    Kimberly Grabinski recently posted..Neato XV Essential – The budget-friendly robot vacuum #NeatoXVEssential {giveaway}My Profile

  10. Oh, no. Glad he was okay. I don’t have any memorable ones. Actually the past few my husband and I have forgotten till days later. It always gives us a laugh that we were made for eachother since we both don’t care.

  11. Sorry to here, I hope he gets better!
    Raijean recently posted..Movie Report: New Releases for the Week of May 2nd, 2014My Profile

  12. That sure was an unexpected happening! I’m glad you went since it was lodged so firmly. Yikes!
    Liz Mays recently posted..Havertys Pin It to Win It Contest! #HavertysRefreshMy Profile

  13. This is so scary! I can’t imagine how you guys must have felt. Hopefully your next anniversary will be better 😉
    Mellisa recently posted..Say No To UnHealthy Hair with ecoTools HairbrushesMy Profile

  14. wow, i’m glad he’s ok.
    Melinda recently posted..My Updated Laminated ListMy Profile

  15. OMGOSH! I’m so glad that he is okay but yeah definitely a anniversary that will go down in the books for years to come.
    Chelle @ oh just stop already recently posted..Our 3 Easy Changes to A Healthier Life with #NaturalProbioticsMy Profile

  16. I can’t even imagine how scary this must have been for you! Definitely memorable and I’m glad he’s ok!
    Tiff @ Babes and Kids recently posted..Family Traditions With Ragú #NewTraDishMy Profile

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