Brody gets revenge while Zander gets a flu shot

Last week on Facebook I mentioned that I took Brody to see the doctor for constipation issues and he walked out with a flu shot.   He wasn’t too happy about that one.   I reminded him that his brothers would have to go back another time and he would get to watch.   He asked me if he could record it for fun.    I agreed to get him out the door and forgot until it was time for Zander’s shot.  Like most kids, Zander hates shots and can put on quite a scene.  One time he went in for a blood draw and ended up with five people holding him so that one nurse could draw blood.   He was screaming and yelling.    One nurse still has nightmares of him being held down and yelling out, “It’s not fair!  I’m just a kid!” What you don’t get to see is that Zander started freaking out when she went to wipe his arm down with the alcohol pad.  Since our doctor’s office is a smaller one I have gotten used to having to help when the boys are getting shots.   I prefer to have them look at me as I give them a hug.  I’m not sure why Brody was counting, unless it was boredom.   Listen closely to hear what Brody has to say about Zander’s reaction.  Brody did take a video of Quentin getting his shot, but he refused to react because he knew what would happen.

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I am a stay at home mom of three boys who relies on caffeine to make it through each day. My boys Zander (9), Quentin (7) and Brody (5) make sure to keep life interesting and full of challenges! I have been a volunteer with American Youth Soccer Organization Region 49 for over 13 years. Read more about me here.


  1. That’s brothers for you! Sad and funny at the same time! Thanks for sharing.

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