How to fix the “Press This” 404 Error

Just earlier today I found a news story that I wanted to write about so I tried using my handy dandy Press This bookmarklet.   Imagine my surprise when I got a 404 error instead of my editor.  I was beginning to think that my issue was the browser that I was using so I switched from Chrome to Firefox and got the same result.  I know very little about coding and html so I went off searching for a fix.   I found lots of complaining about the Press This 404 error.   I found a few articles where people were suggesting different plugins and when I gave one a try I got the same result.   So the searching continued.   I found so many articles telling me to look into a code but never mentioned where the code was.  About 20 minutes later I stumbled across this article and it was the magic answer I was looking for.   The code I needed to change edit was in the setting of the bookmarklet that I had installed.    It’s amazing how simple the fix was.  It seriously took me two minutes, if that to update Press This in Chrome and Firefox.

How to fix the “Press This” 404 Error — The WP Guru.

Hopefully this saves someone else from getting as frustrated as I was.

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