Lovable Labels Friendship Pack

Lovable Labels Friendship Pack Whimsical Love Story

Our friends at Lovable Labels recently introduced two new designs for their Friendship Packs.   The two new designs are Whimsical Love Story and You’re Out of This World.   Both are great kid friendly designs!  In case you’re not familiar with their Friendship Packs, they contain over 120 labels!   There are 30 sticker labels, 80 slimline labels and 10 fun stickies in each pack and then you can order 40 FREE slimline labels for a friend.   The Lovable Labels Friendship Packs are available for a limited time so don’t wait too long before ordering them!  The instructions for making sure you get your free product with purchase are very easy to follow.  We are using  our Lovable Labels on pretty much everything!  Order some for your child and a set for a friend.   Best part is you can mix and match the boys and girls styles between packs.    If you order a girls friendship pack you can order a the free slimline labels in a boy design!

The boys like to put them on their notebooks, folders, pencils, Nintendo’s , cups and whatever else they come across.   The fighting over specific items has been greatly reduced because it’s clear who it belongs to. I’ve also found that I’m not spending a lot of time trying to figure out which child the items belong to.  We used them on all of their school supplies that were staying in their desks this year.  Looks so much nicer and holds up to the abuse much more than a permanent marker.   I have a set that I use on my planners, folders, soccer catalogs and other items that I’m taking in public with me that I may lose track of.  If you have kids in school or daycare I highly recommend Lovable Labels.   You can make sure all of your child’s items are marked with their name without getting hand cramps!

Click here to visit Lovable Labels and get started on your order.   Don’t forget to use the code “JenniferSLB1” to get 10% off your order!

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