Lovable Labels Mini Dots

Lovable Labels Mini Dots

Lovable Labels just introduced a Mini Dots.   Mini Dots are their newest product designed to sick with your kids and their stuff!   Mini Dots are dishwasher, microwave, laundry and dryer safe.   When applying Mini Dots to clothing, you must apply to the tag of the garment.    Lovable Labels Mini Dots fit perfectly on all the small items that you want to keep track of!   You can get 120 Mini Dots in any one of 12 designs with any of the 45 icons for only $19.95.   Mini Dots would make a perfect addition to any baby gift especially if that baby will be going to a daycare.    Mom won’t get hand cramps from writing the baby’s name on everything and she will be forever thankful for this gift.  Lovable Labels Mini Dots have so many other possibilities for uses!  They could be used in books, games, school supplies, crafts, classrooms, and even day cares.

Head on over to Lovable Labels to check them out.   Don’t forget to use coupon Code JenniferSLB1 to get 10% off your order.


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