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man cupcake kit

Last month Brody celebrated his 6th birthday by taking cupcakes to school.   In the month leading up to his birthday we had discussed many ideas and the one thing he kept saying is that he wanted something that is different than what his classmates always bring.  We looked through magazines, displays at stores and online to find that something different.  He didn’t like anything that I found, so we had agreed that I’d get some special liners and he could have whatever color frosting with special sprinkles.     While browsing the cupcake liners that Wilton offers we stumbled across different cupcake kits that they offer.    Brody happened to see the man cupcake kit and decided that is what he wanted for his birthday.  I have to admit that I thought it was pretty cute.   I placed my order and when the man cupcake kit arrived there was a small problem with what I received versus what I ordered.   I immediately reached out to Wilton to let them know.   Since I was sitting at the computer when I opened the box I emailed customer service right away and when I didn’t hear anything for a day I then sent them a message on Twitter.   I already knew I couldn’t find what I needed in town so I was already thinking of plan B because I didn’t expect to hear back from the company.      Here is where I’m happy to tell you that Wilton has the BEST customer service!  Wilton responded with an apology and asked how they could fix it.   Actually I received two responses from them, one from the email about my order and one on Twitter.   All I wanted is what I had thought I bought so they got it sent out to me.  The simple response that said we’re sorry and asking how they can fix it made me feel like they really cared about their customers.   Thank you, Wilton for making me one happy customer!

Unfortunately the kit didn’t make it in time for his classroom party so we did go with plan B, but he was able to have man cupcakes for his family party so it worked out just fine.

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