Playing Keeper

This weekend we experienced a first with Zander. While this is his fifth year playing soccer, it is his first year with goal keepers. In the U6 and U8 divisions AYSO recommends not using keepers so our region doesn’t.

Zander started his first game in the U10 division as a keeper. I was worried about how he’d do since he’s usually so scared of the ball. Shortly after the whistle blew the opposing team was advancing towards the goal where my son was waiting to protect it. I was nervous and me first reaction was to close my eyes and listen to the┬áreaction of the parents on the sideline to and figure out what happened. Then my picture taking mommy mode kicked in. I knew he’d want to see pictures. Good thing I was looking because as the opposing team got closer he crouched down and then pounced on the ball, got it in his hands and held on until everyone backed away. He had made his very first save ever as a keeper and I saw it! He was a rock star as a keeper. He even dove after the ball and had other players kicking at his hands and head really think he may have found a position he loves. Yes, the opponents did score one on him but it was his first time. He was actually begging to be put back in as keeper! ┬áI am so proud of him!

A huge save for his first time playing keeper ever!

A huge save for his first time ever playing keeper!



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