Racing the bus

I have to say that this year I really like the boys’ bus driver.    From the beginning I could tell that she was different from all of the others that we have had.    First of all every morning she greets them by name and asks how they are doing.     Every evening she says goodnight to each of them as they get off the bus.   There have been a few times when the bus has been behind schedule when dropping the boys off and I hear her thanking them for behaving even though most of the other students weren’t.    When they were being picked up and dropped off at the old stop in the evenings she would let them pick which way to go.  The boys loved to try to keep me guessing!   It’s amazing how one simple turn can make 3 boy so happy.  Because of safety concerns the bus stop was moved and the boys found a new game.    One night thy decided to race the bus from the stop to our driveway.    Of course the bus won that time.  So the next morning they found a line that would work as a starting line and decided they would race the bus once she turns the corner to the bus stop.     She caught on to what they were doing pretty fast and since then it has been amazing how the bus always comes in last.  The day I took this video I had bribed the boys to let Brody beat them.  He was on top of the world after that win!


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I am a stay at home mom of three boys who relies on caffeine to make it through each day. My boys Zander (9), Quentin (7) and Brody (5) make sure to keep life interesting and full of challenges! I have been a volunteer with American Youth Soccer Organization Region 49 for over 13 years. Read more about me here.

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