Fun with Food: Special Pizzas



The boys love to eat pizza.   Really it’s the only meal they will usually agree on quite easily.   The only problem they don’t agree on toppings any more.  When we’re talking delivered pizza usually Zander and Quentin agree to load it up with meats.   Brody on the other hand prefers to have mushrooms and usually begs me to let him and Zack share a pizza.   Ordering pizza isn’t always ideal so we’ve taken to making a lot of homemade pizzas.    When it comes to homemade pizza the toppings are usually beef and pepperoni if the whole family is eating together.   The boys don’t love it, but will eat without complaining.   Some nights I love surprising the boys’ with special pizzas.   These special pizzas are individual sized so they can have the exact pizza they want.    Sometimes I buy the premade crusts and other times I’ll use flattened grands biscuits.   They don’t care which type of crust I use!   Zander usually prefers to have Canadian  bacon and regular bacon with barbecue sauce.   Quentin likes have bacon and pepperoni  usually with barbecue sauce.    Brody insists on having pepperoni with mushrooms with regular pizza sauce most of the time.  Every now and then they’ll ask for sausage or onions but that’s pretty rare.   Recently,  I was making their pizza I decided to have a little fun with them.  The boys loved that I used the toppings to make the first letter of their first names to mark their pizzas.     They’ve already been requested again!

Sometimes we forget that kids enjoy the simplest of things.


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I am a stay at home mom of three boys who relies on caffeine to make it through each day. My boys Zander (9), Quentin (7) and Brody (5) make sure to keep life interesting and full of challenges! I have been a volunteer with American Youth Soccer Organization Region 49 for over 13 years. Read more about me here.


  1. That’s a really cute idea. We’re working on the alphabet with Emma right now and she’d get a kick out of doing these with the letters on top.

    • Sometimes its the simplest of things that kids love. I do a lot of different things and add their letter. Sugar cookies that are the alphabet are fun too.

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