Swirled Heart Sugar Cookies

Swirled Heart Sugar Cookies I know I’m a little late but I wanted to share  the cookies that I made for the boys’  Valentine’s Day parties.    They all agreed on heart sugar cookies but they couldn’t agree on how they should be frosted.   Quentin and Zander wanted them to be like conversation hearts with lots of sayings while Brody wouldn’t join in on the discussion.   After 10 minutes the requests got completely out of control so I said they would just have to see what I came up with.   While the cookies were baking I racked my brain for ideas to decorate them.   Here is where I admit that I also ran to the store and bought pouches of pre-made cookie icing.  We can’t all do all homemade all of the time!


Since Brody is usually the easiest to please I decided to just do a simple smiley face on the heart sugar cookies for his class. For his I decided to keep it simple and use red and white.    I used one color to outline the cookie and then used the second color to make the face and then I set them aside.    I did around 10 cookies like that and then I went back and filled them in with the color that matched the outline.  I have learned that when using the cookie icing in a pouch it is best to let your outline and any design have a few minutes to set before filling in.   This way the colors don’t run together and the icing doesn’t all slide off the cookie.

swirl heart sugar cookies

When I started to work in the heart sugar cookies for Zander and Quentin’s classes I still didn’t know what I was going to do.   I went ahead and outlines a few in red and a few more in white and set them aside.    On a whim I looked in the kitchen and found that I had a few pouches in other colors so I grabbed the black.   I also grabbed a few toothpicks before heading back out to work on the cookies.    I decided to fill in one of of the red ones and then I added a few dots of black icing.  I then took the toothpick and ran it through the frosting in a zigzag pattern.   I liked the look but felt it needed more so I ran the zigzag pattern again but starting on the other side.    I have to admit I was pretty impressed with how it looked.    After 10-15 cookies I decided to try incorporating the red, white and black on each cookie.    I love how they turned out!!   The kids in the class kept saying they were the coolest cookies that they’ve ever seen.   They then asked how long it took to make just one cookie and were amazed when I said it only took 2 minutes total to decorate one.

more heart sugar cookies

I’ll definitely have to remember these the next time the boys ask me to make some cool cookies for them!

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