Man Cupcake Kit from Wilton

Last month Brody celebrated his 6th birthday by taking cupcakes to school.   In the month leading up to his birthday we had discussed many ideas and the one thing he kept saying is that he wanted something that is different than what his classmates always bring.  We looked through magazines, displays at stores and online to find that something different.  He didn't like anything that I found, so we had agreed that I'd get some special liners and he could have whatever color frosting with special sprinkles.     While browsing the cupcake liners that Wilton offers we stumbled across different cupcake kits that they offer.    Brody happened to see the man cupcake kit and decided that is what he wanted for his birthday.  I have to admit that I … [Read more...]

Happy birthday to me!

I am one lucky girl! Today happens to be ny birthday and I was spoiled this year. I can't wait to play with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and share my favorite features. I also scored an iPod touch 5th generation in pink! My current iPod touch only has 8gb of storage and that wasn't working for the boys and me. While browsing the app store, I even found a few apps that can and will help me with my medical terminology class. Forget flashcards! … [Read more...]

Happy 6th Birthday, Brody!

Six years ago today I sat in the hospital cuddling my newborn, Brody.    He is my baby and I wanted him to stay little forever.    Brody, on the other hand is in a rush to grow up.  As I went looking through old photos for this post I cried because I realized just how much my baby has grown up.    When he was a baby I could tell that his personality was going to be much different than his brothers.   Very early on he set his own nap and feeding schedule and luckily the other  two were flexible so we could make it work.  The nice thing was he would sleep where ever and noise didn't bother him.   Actually I think the only thing that bothered him was the camera.   I swear he knew I was taking pictures while he was sleeping!  He had this habit … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Quentin!

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Wordless Wednesday {Zander’s Birthday Cake}

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31 Day Photo and Prompt Challenge {Day 8}

Today's topic is a birthday celebration.   I've had some great ones but today I'm going to talk about my mom's 50th.   My mom isn't a person who likes to celebrate her birthdays.   So her darling daughter (me) decided that she needed a big party for her 50th.   I knew the only way I'd be able to pull it off was to make it a surprise party.   My brother Ray agreed and said he'd help.   Since I had a partner in crime it was time to get to planning it.    What would make a surprise party even more of a surprise?  Family coming from out of state and thinking you're celebrating someone else's birthday!   Since our birthdays are just 11 days apart I had her put the party day on the calender saying it was for my birthday dinner.  Her … [Read more...]

Brody got a surprise today

Brody's birthday was almost a month ago and he still hasn't gotten all of his presents!   Why?  He couldn't really think of anything he wanted.   Zack and I even took him to the store and set him loose in the toy department and said pick out your present.   He walked through and played with a few things and decided he was ready to leave.   It wasn't until we were checking out that he asked for a three pack of Hotwheels.   Of course we gave in and got those for him but I don't feel that is enough for a birthday present.   Fast forward a couple of weeks and he tells me that he wants a nook color like mine.    Once I got done laughing at that request I explained that nook's were for adults but we could look for a children's … [Read more...]