Team Work

This weekend at Zander's soccer game one player, Billy had a real bad attitude.    At the start of the game he was ok and willing to play with the team but as the game progressed his attitude worsened.  He played he first half as a forward and didn't bother staying in position.  Zack, who coaches the team was constantly reminding him he was a forward and he was supposed to be on the left side.  Play after play he would wind up on the right sideline or back behind his defenders.  I knew his father, who has coached him previously, was getting frustrated by his son's lack of being a team player.  While I was over talking with Zack and helping with some pointers while taking pictures I could hear him reminding his son where he should be and … [Read more...]

Dealing with ugly people

  For the past nine years one of my main volunteer duties with AYSO Region 49 has been answering the phone. While most of the conversations have been pleasant, there are a few memorable ones. Some even have me thinking some people just aren't cut out to have their child involved in anything. A good portion of the calls every fall has to do with friend requests. While players can request to be placed on the same team, we don't guarantee that it will happen. When it comes to forming teams we want them to be as balanced as possible so friend requests take a back seat. Especially when little Susie requests to play with 4 other players and her team will have a maximum of seven on their roster. While parents get cranky that their … [Read more...]


Today I was talking with my mom about kids. I was wondering if my boys would like having their own rooms at this age. They love sharing right now but I know that will change eventually. Mom made sure to point out the Ray and I shared a room as kids and we survived. I then told her that is because Ray felt secure. She laughed and asked why I said that. I gave her a funny look before laughing. When Ray and I were little and had our own rooms I did what any great big sister does! I tormented him. My bedroom was carpeted and had a full size bed. That was often the island but we rarely played in there. Ray's room was cool because it had bunk beds. We played in there a lot. We were great at using our imaginations. I declared that … [Read more...]

Tips To Make Any Youth Sports Season Successful

These days there are too many stories of out of control parents and coaches.   I prefer to focus on the good.   I wish every child could have the experiences that my boys have had. Here are a few tips to help your child have a great season. 1.  Communication is very important.  Make sure you talk with the coach and other parents.  If you are going to miss a game or a practice let the coach know.  If you notice a problem or have a concern bring it up.   If it is something you don't feel comfortable bringing up to the coach for any reason look for someone else.  In most youth sports there is someone in charge of the league that is there to help you.  Don't assume they know what the issue is.   It's better to have 20 people … [Read more...]