Cutting off my cast {Video}

Last week I had to go in for a cast change. The boys were really concerned that I would get hurt by the saw while the cast was getting cut. I let Zander go back with me to watch and take a video of them cutting off mycast to share.   I decided to share it with all of you because not everyone is as talented as I am and has had to suffer through multiple casts. Those long white things sticking out of the top of my cast were placed there to protect my incisions and skin against irritation from the saw blade. I will add that usually this isn't a painful process. … [Read more...]

My video surprise

This is what daddy and the boys do while I 'm gone.    I came home from a soccer meeting last year to this video.   I laugh every time I watch it! … [Read more...]

Naked What??

Last week I was trying to get some soccer and blog work done while the boys were playing.    I thought for sure I heard the word naked spoken by one of them.  After listening for a few minutes I decided it was my mom imagination.   As soon as I got back to work there was a lot of giggling going on.  I decided to check out what they were up to. When I got about half way down the stairs I noticed Quentin running towards me.  He was using his hand to cover himself but I noticed right away he was naked.   Suspicious me looks around and Brody was on the floor putting his pants back on.  Zander was jumping on the couch fully clothed. What are you doing? I yelled out. I fought back giggles when they all three jumped.  They knew they were … [Read more...]

Watch “Park” on YouTube

Here is the link to the video I mentioned in the previous post.  … [Read more...]

Fun at the park

Last week the weather here was beautiful.  Here is a video I took of them having a good time with their uncle.  I just wish I would have had the camera on when Ryan almost took out mom while doing summer saults down the hill.  … [Read more...]

A Bad Boy Snake?

A couple of years ago the boys were playing in their toy room which happens to be in the basement.   Zander and Quentin had been getting along great so when I heard a scream and went running towards them.   As I got to the stairs, they were already half the way up.   I asked what was wrong and they told me that they found a snake.  Yep they said snake.   They bolted out the back door while I went down to investigate.   Really, I just wanted to see if it was just a toy they saw.   I saw something slither across the basement floor and I ran back up those stairs myself!   I grabbed the camera and headed out back with the boys.   Here is my "interview" with them right after seeing the bad boy … [Read more...]