Tax Day

Today is that day that some of us really dread, Tax Day.   I remember many trips to the post office to beat the midnight deadline for a postmark on my parents taxes as a child.   When I was younger I never understood why it was such a big deal and why they waited if they knew when it was due.   I never was given an explanation that made sense when I would ask why they waited.  Looking back, I now realize part of this was lack of organization so it took a while to find their receipts and paperwork for their itemized deductions.  Watching the same chaos year after year, I learned how important it is to be organized when it comes to your finances and papers.   Since I’ve been in the working world, I’ve always made sure to have my taxes done by the end of March just for that reason.  This year I was able to get my taxes finished and filed by the end of February.  To me it’s a huge relief to get it done and out of the way early on.   I like to know if we’re getting a refund or going to owe so we can plan accordingly.  There is nothing that I hate more than unplanned expenses coming out of nowhere!  I’ve always done them myself but am wondering if using an accountant would be a better move.

Are you like me and like to get them done early or do you procrastinate?  Also, do you do them yourself or have an accountant?




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